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We Are Simple Tax Solutions

We are your Income Tax specialists with over 10 years of experience serving London and tax filers all over Canada. Helping reduce the worry of having your tax return filed inaccurately. We are a service you can rely on for years to come. We make sure to maximize your benefit & Minimize any tax liability as well as offering a free second opinion. Simple Tax Solution professionals are trained to not just file your return but help you understand your refund or tax liability. We believe in educating our clients so that you know what's going on. We specialize in Personal, Small business, and Corporate Tax Returns. We do more than just file tax returns. We can help with your business matters as well. Whether you're looking to start a new business or need to outsource accounting work. We can help!

My Story

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It all started with a dream and a vision. While studying for my profession (Business/accounting) I spent my summers working as a receptionist at a local tax office in London. Back and forth from there and school I grew a love for business, taxes, accounting, and helping people. Finding out how stressful this time of year can be for some people, how most people just want the right job done the first time, and seeing people come in wanting to recover their tax account which they may have tried to do it themselves or had a bad experience somewhere else. I found pleasure in reforming those accounts. I was determined that this is what I wanted to do. Once I finished my education I was hired on full time, with a dream and a vision. A dream to help as many individuals, businesses, and first time filers as possible. 7 months full time and I then had the go ahead from the owner to help start and build a new location for them and the team. I was 23 at the time. I learned a lot and gained a tremendous amount of knowledge and experience on building a business, clientele, marketing, managing, and gaining more knowledge in Tax as a moved forward. My name grew. 6 years later and we are now here. As that location is striving my entrepreneur instincts and mind kept waking me up every night. I can do better, I can help more people. As my vision grew larger than my authority in the company I decided it was time for me to move forward. I believed in myself. I believe in my work. I believe in you. I believe we together can build a report and your dream. I believe in Local business and over the years I've built an attachment on helping start-ups and small business grow. It time for us to sit down and make your dream and vision a reality.  

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Meet The Team

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