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Please file out the form with as much information as you can provide. If you are unsure or have any questions include it in additional notes and we will follow up when we are preparing your return. 

Every Return filed gets a free consultation with the return and a PDF and Paper copy upon request.

Helpful Information

We find these filers mostly have

T4 (Employment Income)

T4A(P) (Pension/survival/disability)

T4A (OAS) (Old Age Security)

T5007 (Support payments)

T2202a (Tuition Receipts)

T4A (Eligible Grants)

Rental receipts

Staycation Tax Credit (Accommodations for trips in Ontario) 

Medical Expenses

Direct Deposit Information

Dependent information

& for first time filers make sure to include that date you arrived here in Canada and the world income earned from the year you arrived. Jan1 - the date you arrive to accurately calculate your benefits.

If your dependent is still back home (Husband, wife, or children) we will need their First/last name, birthdates, and their income for the tax year you are filing.


In order for us to begin preparing your return please complete the form below and submit to our secure network.
*If you have a spouse or common law please fill out a new form with their information and include their name in other information section.
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Thanks for choosing Simple Tax Solutions! Check your email! We've sent you an authorizations form you need to sign and send back to us!

 We will call or email you if we need anything else.

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